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🔴 Live Streaming by Studio 51 : A new era of enlighted communication 🔴

“The future of communication is already here. With the Studio 51 Live Streaming, we are shaping a new way of engaging, informing and inspiring.”

💡Some fresh air for the brand content :

When we talk about brands, we don’t just speak about their products or services. We speak about stories, values, emotions. The live streaming allows us to reinforce our brand image by interacting in real time with the audience. Reveal a new product, announce the success of the year, share the objectives achieved, and celebrate the stars of your team. All of that create a sense of belonging, reinforce the link with your teams and retain your clients.

💡The interactivity is central :

The era of monologue has ended. With the live streaming, the conversation begins bidirectional. Integrate surveys, propose votes, answer in live to the interrogations. Make every session as dynamic and pertinent as possible by really engaging your audience.

💡Rationality and Responsablity :

Choosing the digital is making the good choice. Beyond the considerable budgetary savings that the live streaming allows, there is also an ecological dimension. By reducing the travelings and the heavy logistic, we are making a step towards a more durable world, while putting emphasis on the content and the capacity of innovation, such as the integration of augmented reality or real time VFX.

💡The Expertise of Studio 51 :

With functionalities such as the duplex to make more fluid exchanges despite the distance and the remote production for a maximal flexibility, we are ready to transform every events in a unic and unforgettable experience.

🎥 Innovation with the real time VFX technology :
In the visual communication era, the integration of real time VFX (Visual Effects) technology represents an outstanding advanced. At Studio 51, we master this technology that allows to innovate in the way of communicating with your audience. By combining the Live Streaming and the VFX technology, we can create experiences of live augmented reality, interactive animations and immersive environments that project your message in a captivating visual dimension. This offers a unic opportunity of creating communication campaign more engaging and memorable.
“At the intersection of technology, art and communication, the Live Streaming by Studio 51 is the ultimate tool for the visionaries of this world. Engage yourself in this communicating revolution from today. “

Example of Live Stream realisations

E Lion Day by Peugeot Stellantis




Digital Event by Heineken




Digital Event by Ubisoft for the presentation of Assassin’s Creed Mirage


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