Green screen real time studio, 3D immersive production, VR and AR : a little summary of a revolution of the audiovisual production.



The technological revolution in the cinema and medias sector has a constant evolution. Among the more recent innovantions, the green screen real time, associated to the immersive 3D, the virtual reality (VR) and the augmented reality (AR), offers creative and interactive possibilities that are unprecedented.


The green screen real time studios.

The green screen studios, also known under the name “chroma key”, allows the directors to shoot actors and objects on a green screen, to replace this background by a numerical decor in post-production. This technic is used since decades in the cinema and television productions to create special effects and environments impossible to construct in reality.

Nevertheless, the technological progress allows the emergence of the green screen real time studios, where the numerical decors are inlayed instantly during the shooting. This evolution allows to save some time in post-production and offer a better comprehension of the final version for the actors and the shooting teams.

The 3D immersive production.

The 3D immersive production is a technology that permit to create numerical environments realistic and detailed. Combining 3D elements and advanced lighting technics, this technology offer an incredible visual render and participate to fully immerge the spectators in the experience.

When it is coupled with the green screen real time studios, this technology allows to create fantastic worlds and to transport the spectator in universes that have never been explored before.

The virtual reality (VR) and the augmented reality (AR).

The virtual reality (VR) and the augmented reality (AR) are two technologies that allow an enrichment of the audiovisual experience adding an interactivity and immersion for the spectators. The VR immerses the user in an environment entirely numerical, whereas AR superimpose virtual elements on the real world. The two technologies, used for example in the video games, the movies, the publicity or the educative experience, can be combined with the green screen real time studios and the immersive 3D to produce more captivating contents.

How does it works in audiovisual production?

The combination of these technologies is a revolution for the audiovisual production, offering to the creators a huge amount of tools allowing them to push the limits of the imagination. The directors and the producers can now create more realistic and complex worlds, reducing the costs and duration of the production in the same time. The green screen real time studios, the 3D immersive production, the VR and AR open possibilities of audiovisual creation allowing a better immersion of the spectator in the content.


The Studio 51  owns a green screen real time studio that allows to use this technology for the creation of many different types of contents. In this environment of innovation, we are curious to participate to these productions and to face the stakes that these new technologies impose !


Photo credits:

Exceptional emission “Des racines & des ailes” using virtual reality, “L’Égypte, une passion française” animated by Carole Gaessler, France 3

Diffusion : France 3

Director : Jean-Luc Orabona


VR Production : Studio 51 Paris

>3D real time render motors on Unreal engine with Zero Density

Grue Tescam camera tracking with MICROFILMS


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