The green screen real time studios and the rise of e-sport.



E-sport has known an exponential rise these last years. The video games competitions bring a more important public and generate considerable revenues. To answer to this rising demand, the audiovisual production adapts itself and innovates. Among the emerging technologies, the green screen real time stands out and offers unpublished possibilities for the actors of e-sport.




The green screen real time studios : a technological revolution.


The green screen real time studios, also called “virtual reality studios” or “mixed reality studios”, are spaces specially conceived to shoot videos with a customizable background. Thanks to cameras and sophisticated software, the actors and the objects are integrated in virtual decors in real time, creating an illusion of reality. These studios offer many assets for e-sport.

First of all, it allows the organizers to create immersive environments for the competitions, integrating elements from the video games concerned. The spectators can live a unique experience, with breathtaking graphics and a total immersion in the universe of the video game.

Futhermore, the green screen real time studios facilitate the production and the diffusion of e-sport contents, because they allow the production teams to work on a single place, while offering a high quality render.


E-sport : a rising sector.


The rising of e-sport is uncontestable. In 2021, the mondial market of e-sport was estimated at almost 1,1 billion dollars, and this amount should continue growing in the years coming. The video games competitions bring millions of spectators online and in dedicated stadiums, offering to advertisers and brands an opportunity to touch a young and engaged public. The green screen real time studios have a crucial role in this growth.

While offering  immersive and unpublished viewing experiences, they  participate to the democratization of e-sport and the popularization of video-games competitions. The distributors and organizers of such competitions are thus able to offer always more attractive and personnalized contents, answering to the demand of the fans and the sponsors.


The challenges to overcome.


Despite the indeniable advantages of green screen real time studios, there are many challenges left to overcome. The cost of the installations and the necessary equipment can be an obstacle for some organizations. Moreover, the mastering of softwares and technics of production require specialized skills and a continued formation.


The Studio 51 is a green screen real time studio equiped with the necessary material and endowed of a competent team to make this technology works. In this perspective to overcome all the challenges brought by this innovating technology, we are developing our activities in the production of e-sport, gaming or other web contents using live streaming broadcast for example.


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